Goal 1 was accomplished last night: cooking with squash. I had a... shoot. I forget the name. Butternut acorn? Could that be possible? Butternut dumpling? Anyhow, it said it was a sweeter squash. Thank goodness for Cutco knives, because dang that sucker was hard to get through. (I realize now I probably should have pierced it with a fork and microwaved it to soften it before attempting to cut it.) I cut the squash in quarters, drizzled it with olive oil, then applied liberal amounts of basil, oregano, garlic, and salt. Put it in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes. When it came out I sprinkled it with parmesan. We ate our squashes with spinach salads - peas and feta and red wine vinegar for me, taco meat and cheese for Dave. All in all, the squash was just okay. Not bad, not great. Does anyone have some squash wisdom to share - a particular kind I should buy? Different ways to eat it? Please help! I want to be a squash lover!

After dinner I had a frozen reese's pb cup and chocolate chip cookie (leftover from Saturday where Dave and I bought 30 different chocolate chip cookies from 30 different places for my sister-in-law's 30th birthday). Dave made himself a small but Coldstone-worthy sundae: chocolate peanut butter ice cream topped with peanut butter, magic shell, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. My boy knows how to do dessert right.

We watched a movie from the library last night - Another Cinderella Story - which we were expecting to be laughably bad, like most other Disney made for ABC family tv movies. This one was suprisingly decent... about on par with other predictable-but-still-fun-to-watch chick flicks. Having Jane Lynch definitely helped - she makes any movie awesome. And in all the squash preparation and movie watching I totally forgot about Monday night football with the COLTS! Good thing I have all season to make up for it.

Dave and I have started a new nighttime ritual: reading time! Last week Dave suggested we start reading for half an hour together before bed. I was all too happy to oblige! We still had leftover gift card money from the wedding to Bed Bath and Beyond, so Sunday we bought two extra fluffy pillow so we can sit up in bed comfortably. I've been distracted from Kavalier and Clay of late because Dave surprised me with four old Runner's World magazines the library was selling for cheap. They've been hard to put down!

Today's run was much better, although it was summertime humid out there again, which slowed my time slightly. Still, way more of a fun run than Sunday's!


  1. ok....here's a sometime farmer's squash wisdom: looks like you had sweet dumplings last night, which are one of my favorites. my all time favorite for baking like you did is the delicata, it has the same striped skin as the sweet dumpling, but is shaped like a very fat cucumber.
    i think the main thing about squash is that it's hit or miss depending on the farm that grew it, how old it is and how perfectly ripe it was when picked. so, to be a good squash cook, you have to learn something about recognizing the ripest, bestest squashes because they'll be the sweetest and squashiest. and there will still be the occasional squash that disappoints for no good reason, and then you have to be ready to chop it up and make a soup or a curry or something that doesn't require the squash to be the perfect centerpiece, but rather a healthy addition.

  2. Here's a recipe I love: allrecipes.com, "Butternut Squash Soup" (exact title -- for some reason my copy and paste isn't working; weird!)

    Feel free to half the cream cheese (and/or use low-fat), and use less butter. Also good with roasted carrots, dash of curry...rec'd roasting squash before cutting through it; so much easier. About 45 minutes to an hour at 350*. Freezes well -- yum!

    I also love roasted pumpkin (they sell small cooking ones at the grocery) with a dash of brown sugar, cocunut and raisin as a healthy, super yummy snack. Roast at *325/50 until tender, let cool, cut and serve.

  3. I love Jane Lynch! Have you been watching Glee on Fox? She's perfection as a way too ambitious, ex-special forces cheerleading coach.

  4. 325/50*... I'm sure you figured it out.

    G-luck with squash... My hubby doesn't love 'em, so I don't get to try all the recipes I want unless we're potluck-ing!

  5. we have some great recipes from work with squash including a curry soup, a caribbean soup and stuffed squash (stuffed w/ rice, sausage, pepper and onion). they're all really good.

  6. oh yeah and i'd be happy to pass on the recipes if you're interested. i like glee as well. :)

  7. I love butternut squash. I'm not sure if that's what you used? Anyway, I like it with coconut oil and a hint of brown sugar and cinnamon. :-)

  8. hey kimalicious,
    i like to throw squash (and zucchini) into fajitas. if you cut it into carrot stick size, add some oil, fajita seasoning, and your other mexican favs (i like mushrooms, chicken, tomatoes, and onions), it's pretty delicious. this is using the yellow squash from the grocery story though, so i don't know what the rules or for the giant halloweeny ones.