soup's on!

Woke up to a very windy, very fall-like day. I was nervous about running in the wind (and my quads felt pretty tight after doing the mini and then running yesterday as well). But I was pleasantly surprised to find I had a great run! Once I started my legs felt loose as they moved, and the wind and cool air felt awesome! I knocked out a good number of miles and came home relaxed.

Since it is supposed to be windy and cool and rainy all day, I decided it was a vegetable soup day. We are having a late lunch of soup - in two different pots. Both of ours have corn, onions, tomatoes, and carrots. Dave's also has beef broth, beef, and potatoes. Mine has vegetable broth, yams, black beans, and broccoli. I found some delicious looking bread at the Kroger bakery that we'll have as well. Hooray for fall!!

At the FW half we got a promo flyer for a 15 mile run in Bluffton, Indiana in the beginning of November. I'm debating signing up... it's a trail run, which is why I'm hesitant. As an avid road runner (more because of what's available than an actual decision toward that), I'm unsure I should jump into a trail run without much practice. But I know the trails are pretty flat and clear... so maybe it would be easy. Any suggestions??

Off to stir the soup! What are your favorite foods for fall?


  1. corn and potato chowder, black bean salsa soup, and roasted red pepper soup are my favorite liquid fall dinners :) (so far...let's hope this season brings new favorites!)

  2. Mmmm...love soup. Chicken tortilla, tomato basil, minestrone, roasted red pepper/corn soup are my favorites.

    Are you a vegetarian, btw, Kim?

  3. soup sounds so good, especially with the fall weather!

    i ran in the fall-ish weather yesterday, too. it was windy but at least it wasn't hot out! :-)