Goals for the week (in no particular order... and really only telling this because it's Monday and I'm stuck in a cubicle and it's kind of cold and boring):

1. Experiment cooking with squash.
2. Clean up my dead plants on the fire escape.
3. Try making this, minus the olives. And adding copious amounts of garlic.
4. Get 2 hours or less in the half marathon on Saturday.
5. Make some serious progress in Kavalier and Clay. I've been moving too slow through it.

I found this recipe and thought it sounded awesome... until I noticed it called for TWELVE TABLESPOONS OF BUTTER. Good grief. This will not be a goal for the week... unless my goal is to not eat 12T. of butter in one sitting, or even in the whole week.

Won't get to run today because I'll be coming back from Marion, but hoping tomorrow's will be less nauseating! Happy Monday (it's half over... at least the workday part!)!

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  1. Can't wait to see all of your cooking experiments, especially the squash ones! :-) Hope you have a good week!