winner weekend

Had a fantastic weekend with Rachel, Bec, and Peter. Spent lots of time reading, looking at some bridesmaid dresses, playing games, walking in the rain, and, of course, eating. The most delicious part was probably the ice cream Saturday night - reese's pb ice cream with mocha moaner cookie crumbles (made by Rachel). So good! And Sunday lunch we had a hot chicken couscous salad with zuc and onions and peppers in a red wine vinegar and cumin dressing. Really good!

In Marion now after a fortunate skip week last week. Ugh. Started a new Janet Evanovich book on CD today - Four to Score. Jill introduced me to Janet E.'s series. Funny, entertaining murder mysteries. Not your great literary achievements, but decently written and can certainly hold your attention for a few hours early in the morning.

Random: decided this morning that instead of a pb breakfast sandwich (I eat on the road) I wanted a ham and red pepper hummus sandwich. It was delicious, if a bit odd to eat at 6:40AM.

So now that my gardening season is officially over (or at least has been relegated to desperately trying to keep my on-the-edge oregano and basil still alive) I need a new hobby or effort to try. Any ideas?

And lastly, a pic from the weekend, and another irresistible one of Mosie, sleeping belly-up.

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