hodge podge

Aunt Penny and Uncle Lyn came up from Fort Wayne yesterday. We spent the afternoon in Shipshewana, then came to Goshen for dinner. Walked around downtown after we ate, then played Uno and Hand & Foot. Since we were gone all day I put boneless pork in the crockpot with apple juice. Then when we got home I drained the juice, shredded the pork (just using tongs - it fell right apart), then added a bottle of bbq sauce. Let it cook together for another hour, then had sandwiches! We tried to find fresh corn but didn't see any roadside stands - can you believe it??

Had my first "harvest" of home-growns this week. Even though it's only about 11 beans I'm still immensely happy. (Note: they're not that great tasting. I think the key to good produce - big zucs and delicious beans - must be room and space to actually grow. Novel concept.)

And Aunt Penny took our first "family" picture:

I'm not sure if this will work or not (I've never tried to post a video), but here is a video Dave took of Mosie playing:


We're having staff over for dinner tonight - eight or more people in our little apartment! I'm going to make a pasta throw-together - wheat pasta, marinara, ground turkey, sundried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, sauteed zucchini and onions, goat cheese. Everyone is bringing a side to contribute as well! Hooray for good fun!

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