donkey exercises

Found these exercises the other day:

I did part 1 today after my run (I didn't find part 2 til later, with some help from my sister). Most of them felt pretty easy, but I could feel it stretching or working my muscles. The donkey whips were pretty difficult. I also love that there are exercises called donkey whips. It makes me want to do them even more.

I think I'm finding that I have my best runs first thing in the morning. I'll get up and have some coffee and read for a bit, then hit the road. Yesterday I dawdled around, had coffee, read, read some more, emailed with my sister, etc. When I finally ran it was a good run, but felt kind of stiff and uncoordinated. Today I had coffee and read and then got out there, and it felt better. I feel like if I wait too long my body gets settled in a different mode, a slower one, and runs feel more forced and awkward. But if I go before my body has really set itself for the day, it falls into a pace more naturally, and the run is often much smoother and flowing.

And a recipe from Dave, that I happened upon him eating when I came home from the store:

Do It Yourself Reese's:

One small bowl peanut butter
Chocolate chips

Stir and enjoy.

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