black bean spinach burgers

I recently found the blog www.enlightenedcooking.blogspot.com, by Camilla Saulsbury, and have really liked looking through it for recipe ideas. I saw black bean burgers in there and remembered how much I liked them, so decided to try them tonight. I also decided to read the recipe, but then kind of wing it in the kitchen. With somewhat mixed results...

I had some spinach in the fridge and thought it sounded good paired with the beans, so I decided to use it in the burgers, despite them not being in Camilla's recipe. I threw spinach and a few red pepper slices (instead of carrot, like Camilla) in the food processor, along with salt, red pepper flakes, and worcestershire. Once that was blended I added a can of black beans, drained and rinsed. I pulled the goop from the processor and mixed it together with bread crumbs until it held, then formed patties. Fried them up in olive oil along with some veggies - onion, peppers. Then served them on wheat buns with salsa (and cheese for Dave). I overprocessed after adding the beans and the mixture got too smooth (almost like hummus), so they didn't stay as firm as I would have liked, but still ended up being delicious. I think I'd like them even more without a bun, just cut up with other veggies, like a stir fry almost. I loved the black bean flavor. And the onions were delicious with a little salt, just getting sweet and caramelized... yum!

Camilla's burgers were an estimated 250 calories, and I would place these about the same, considering I didn't change much except add spinach and not use as many spices. We used the Arnold whole wheat sandwich thin buns - which are delicious! Try them!

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  1. I checked out enlightenedcooking...nice site!