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The internet at our house is down while our landlords do some renovations, which has proved to be a bit of an inconvenience this past week as we came home from NC Monday, I went to Marion Tuesday, and then worked from Dave's church office Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  Needless to say, I felt VERY behind in my housecleaning... and Mosie seemed very confused and sad that we weren't home very much.  Hopefully the internet will be back up Tuesday (fingers crossed!).  Karen (the wife) thought Tuesday... but Bill (the husband) thought this next weekend.  Oy.

In any case, it's been busy days in the kitchen for me recently.  Thursday night we had a staff dinner and I brought spaghetti squash soup, which tastes a lot like chicken noodle.  It was delicious and a big hit.  Friday I took Dave on a date to Jimmy John's, since he had talked about wanting to try it.  I got the veggie sub and thoroughly enjoyed the avocado spread!  Then we split a peanut butter perfection at Coldstone - SO GOOD.  Saturday night my parents came and we had refried black beans, spanish rice, and burritos - some with taco meat and cheese and some with sweet potatoes, black beans, corn, and plain yogurt.  We topped them with spinach, salsa, avocado, and tomatoes.  Sunday we had a church carry-in for lunch.  Mom and I worked together to make black bean and corn egg rolls (from this post and this recipe - even better with the actual egg roll wrappers!) and brown rice, peas, yellow peppers, and browned onions tossed together with a garlic/cumin/red wine vinegar dressing.  Both were great!  The egg rolls especially were a big hit, and I definitely want to try them again.  Then Sunday night I made two crockpots full of chili and 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies for an office lunch today.  (Sorry I don't have any pictures of any of these!)  Recipe plans for the week: hopping john, lentil soup, and a Mexican casserole!

Dave and I had a great time with my parents while they were in town - we antiqued a bit (saw quite a few gorgeous Hoosier cupboards that we have no place for) and played a new partners version of Sorry.  And watched football, talked, ate, and just hung out.  It was very relaxing!  And Mosie behaved herself fairly well with new occupants sleeping in the living room.  She did wake up my mom in the middle of the night because she had taken her glasses off the coffee table and was batting them around on the floor.  Other than that and a few random sprints across their mattress (in all fairness it was 6:30AM and she is used to us being up and moving at 6AM) she was very good.  Dave and I decided we talk WAY too much about our cat (we are "those" people) but we don't even care because we adore her and just love to watch her and play with her.

My first full week of October brought a running fail insofar as my goals are concerned.  I had hoped to do 45-50 miles a week and hit 38 this first week - mostly because I only ran 4 days instead of the normal 5.  Oh well!  Maybe this week I can hit it!  I did have my first run with gloves and pants... but most were in shorts and long sleeves.  I am desperately hoping to find good running tights for winter at Goodwill... even if they come in some lurid shade of purple or pink.

Happy Monday!!

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