Okay... so as mentioned in my previous post, I am considering changing the URL from kimmierau.blogspot to something more general (and without my full name).  My hope is that this URL would be non-cliche (if possible), somewhat self-descriptive, and would be broad enough to cover my blog should its focus change or shift in the future.  So... here are some thoughts (much thanks to my sister, Kelly, who is good at brainstorming):

metabolize-kim.blogspot (go here for the definition of metabolize to fully understand the pertinence)
popcorngirl.blogspot (this might seem random... unless you know my undying, deep love for popcorn)

I'm not advanced enough to know how to make an actual poll in here... so vote in the comments!  And feel free to say no to all, or to suggest your own version!

Note: adding apple to the spinach smoothies is a bad idea.  Really bad idea.

Apparently while Dave and I were gone in NC Mosie got used to being a rebel kitty... she nonchalantly gets on the coffee table, the dresser, and the bathroom sink, then looks really surprised when we spray her with water.  We've got foil and tape traps set up to discourage her... let the training (and re-training) begin!


  1. I vote for MANgirlkitty, but I suppose boygirlkitty could work as well ;)

  2. I think the meals and miles is the best fit for your writing. Unless you want it to be meal, miles, and mosie. :)

  3. I made a comment on this already, but I'm not sure where it went. I'm with Nicole, I like meals and miles.

  4. I love "Miles and Meals."

    Definitely fitting for what's been posted thus far!

  5. you can change your url name?
    my vote is sweatshirtsandnopants